A Tale of Friendship and Timeless Beauty

In the world of fine jewelry, there are tales that transcend the sparkle and shimmer, stories that resonate deep within the hearts of those who dare to dream and create. This is the story of us; two best friends who embarked on a remarkable journey, driven by passion for exquisite jewelry and our shared love for timeless design.

Meet the two of us: Andrea and Sharon, the driving forces behind 770’s women-owned business. Our story begins in the cozy corners of our home office, where our dreams took flight, and our love for jewelry-making flourished. Bound by a lifelong friendship and an unyielding desire to create something extraordinary, we set out on a path less traveled; ensuring fine jewelry pieces can be designed, customized, and shopped for from the comfort of a click, without the crazy markups.

What started as a humble virtual store, 770 has now blossomed into a large office bustling with talented creators who, just like us, dream of taking our jewelry haven to even greater heights.

As we reflect on our journey, it's incredible to witness the evolution of our virtual store over the years. We've cultivated a team of passionate individuals who pour their hearts into every piece of jewelry they create. Their dedication and artistry have played a significant role in turning our haven into something extraordinary.

Andrea Iacoboni Sultan

But our story didn’t start here. It actually started quite differently than that of most businesses. We set ourselves to leave it up to our “future” customers to tell us what it was they were really looking for; and so we began creating and drafting designs we thought would disturb the industry not only with innovative styles, but at even more unbelievable price points. This meant we would not be investing in inventory, or production. We would put all of our efforts and resources into creating the perfect virtual store and grow it from scratch. And looking back, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing how we created something out of a simple idea, and endless brainstorming nights.

We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we bring to each stage of the creative process. From the initial sketches that breathe life into our ideas to the careful selection of ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones and precious metals, we ensure that every piece that leaves our atelier is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Sharon Stambouli Sheero

Our vision is to continue the growth of 770, expanding its reach and influence, and ultimately, becoming an even larger jewelry haven. We believe that the transformative power of jewelry goes beyond aesthetics; it has the ability to inspire, uplift, and connect people from all walks of life.

With each new creation, we aim to ignite the spark of individuality and self-expression within our customers. Our mission is to curate a collection that not only showcases exceptional craftsmanship but also reflects the diverse personalities and stories of those who wear our jewelry.

By staying true to our values and nurturing a community of passionate creators, dreamers, and visionaries, we're confident that 770 will continue to flourish.

Welcome to our world of fine jewelry, where friendship, passion, and timeless beauty converge. Join us on this extraordinary journey, as we continue to create stunning pieces that transcend fashion trends and capture the hearts of those who believe in the magic of jewelry's transformative power.