Kelia Moniz's Top Picks

Kelia, a versatile surfer, effortlessly combines her surf skills with stylish charm choices, like the mushroom and lightning bolt, while juggling her roles as a boss mom, public figure, and...

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Lauren Oshie's Top Picks

Lauren, a busy mom of four, shares her daily life on Instagram, from cooking and dancing to supporting her husband. She captivates followers with her motherhood tips, style, and stunning...

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Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Top Picks

Best-selling author and advocate, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, keeps it real with motherhood and style. 

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Kelley Flanagan’s Top Picks

Kelley, from Bachelor Season 24 fame, is now a health, fashion, and lifestyle influencer who also practices law. She's a boss-babe who loves her 770 pieces.

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A Tale of Friendship and Timeless Beauty

Meet Andrea and Sharon, the driving forces behind 770’s women-owned business. Our story begins in the cozy corners of our home office, where our dreams took flight, and our love for jewelry-making flourished. Bound by a lifelong friendship and an unyielding desire to create something extraordinary, we set out on a path less traveled; ensuring fine jewelry pieces can be designed, customized, and shopped for from the comfort of a click, without the crazy markups.

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Elevate Your Style: Perfect Pairings for the Upcoming Season with 770 Fine Jewelry

Elevate Your Style: Perfect Pairings for the Upcoming Season with 770 Fine Jewelry. At 770 Fine Jewelry, we understand that the right jewelry can transform your look into a masterpiece. 

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The Perfect Push Present: Personalized Diamond ID Cuff Bangle

Becoming a mother is undoubtedly one of life's most cherished and transformative experiences. As a symbol of love, dedication, and new beginnings, it's only fitting to celebrate this incredible journey...

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Unveiling the Latest Jewelry Trends

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, jewelry remains a timeless and captivating form of self-expression. The latest trends have taken the jewelry scene by storm, offering a fresh take on...

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